Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wellness 101

Strange things are happening all around us. Glaciers are melting down as worldwide temperatures rise. Sea lions are disappearing from their habitats. Alergies among children are on the rise. Cows are going crazy.

Scientists are working overtime to figure out what is happening but it is not easy to figure these things out. In the meantime what can we do while apocalypse unfolds?

A couple of years ago Morgan Spurlock proved what happens to a person that eats breakfast, lunch and dinner at Ronalds for 30 days. You can see the results in a short clip here. Do a search on Super Size Me. They show the scene on day 21 when he confesses how he feels. This man is a hero.

It cannot get any more graphic than this. If you want proof, there it is.

The solution is easy if you start thinking that it is easy. So the first thing we need to do if we want to feel better is to cut down on the poisons. The main poisons are white food: white bread, sugar, salt, milk, white rice, anything made with refined sugars, flours, etc. You do not have to become a vegetarian, however try to stay away from factory farm produce.

Next you need to do a good clean up. There are many alternatives and a good naturopath or herbalist can guide you to the best alternatives for you. One of the best ways to maintain your organism clean is to eat wholesome brown food, with fiber. Raw veggies also help and there are herbs too. I will get to those later on.

The third step is closely related to the second one. If you choose good quality organic produce you will be eating a very colorful diet. Green, red and yellow vegetables and brown grains with natural anti-oxidants and micronutrients will boost your inmune system. Remember: Stay out of white dead food.

Finally you need to add some high absorption supplements. The best these days are liquid supplements. If you can afford it, go see a good naturopath that can test you and ascertain your needs. You can find a good guide for liquid supplements here.

So that is it, in a nutshell. I will be getting to each of these four steps one at a time.

One more thing I forgot: eliminate soda pop or anything carbonated. Leave that stuff for grand ocassions. Switch to pure water and juices on a daily basis.

Do not despair, it does not have be a boring diet. I will be posting some interesting blogs later on.

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