Sunday, July 16, 2006

Trusting the healer within

Looking back on that decision I now realize that probably my doctor did the best he could with the information he had at hand. Even if he knew that I could be helped by a change of diet, he probably lacked the experience to guide me through the road I took. I am not trying to excuse him, because one thing he could have done was to say he just plain did not know what else to do. However I must add that I probably did not ask what else could be done.

He could have emphasized that cutting my tonsils was just one solution, not “the solution”. He could have added that maybe there were other solutions and that I should explore them before taking a final decision. I see this situation around me many times. The tendency is to make an important decision based on the opinion of just one expert. We forget that an important expert we can consult is our own body. The body knows..... we just are not in the habit of trusting its signals.

So my tonsils were saved from the cutting knife just for two things. By a little voice inside that said, “I do not like this situation” and the fact that I like to read. I read all the time, when I am eating, when I am waiting and while travelling I take a book with me. So I now see that I was consulting other experts at the time my tonsils flared up, namely the guy who wrote that article on healing diets. That prompted me to look for more information.

So all I am saying is - do not trust just one doctor. And also do not put yourself in the hands of just one approach to healing. There are many healing alternatives and there is a reason for that. Above all consult your inner healer, let him have a voice. Get involved in the decision and pit the experts one against the other. Remember that listening to an expert does not mean following his advice, just be open to new information and then take a decision.

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