Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yellow Cheese, Salami, Chef Boyardee and Rice Crispies

One of the first things I learned I could do to take care of myself was to watch what I ate. As a teenager, I was eating the worst types of foods you can find at a supermarket: cold meats loaded with nitrates, like salami, jam and bologna, canned food loaded with all kinds of preservatives, sugar coated cereals with no fiber and to top it all, processed dairy.

Now I can understand what my tonsils where saying. They were saying stop or we will choke you to death. They were giving me good advice which I disregarded until I saw the knife coming.

I was lucky I found a good guide when I decided to save myself. The advice I received from Surfer Magazine was simple. Drop all the canned stuff, stop the processed dairy, and avoid any type of cold meats like salami. If you are going to eat meat, eat real meat, however it is better to drop it too. If you cannot live without it, wean yourself out of it, one week at a time. Decide what is your favorite meat dish and eat it only once a week Follow this regime for a month and then start spacing the “meat day” to every two weeks.

In a month I felt so good that I was able to drop my favorite meat dish: meatballs with tomato sauce. After my tonsils bounced back to normal I realized the connection between food and my health: I am what I eat. So I started buying vegetarian food cookbooks and exploring the world of nutrition.

Eating meat thirty-five years ago probably was not as bad as it is these days. The meat industry was probably not so hormone oriented those days. Maybe they were just starting to experiment. At least no one heard of crazy cows back then. To get the scoop on how bad it is presently, visit “The Meatrix”. Moopheous and his friends will tell you all about the problems with animal factory farming.

Before I get into what is good for you, I want to tell you more about animal and vegetable factory farming. So watch for my next post. If you can’t wait to start taking better care of yourself go to my Wellness Guide at:

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