Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Junk Food versus Whole Food

As a teenager I had poisoned my body with junk food to the point that my tonsils had swelled so much it was difficult to swallow. When I realized my mistake it was easy to change to wholesome foods because I had a powerful why. It was raw food and whole grains or an operation to extirpate my tonsils. So that settled it. I decided I wanted to keep my tonsils.

And I am glad I did. A year and half ago I meet a young woman that was having problems with chronic low abdominal swelling and constipation. She suffered from nasal allergies, had stopped menstruating and was in constant pain. Her doctor was suggesting an operation to remove some apparently benign tumors growing around her reproductive organs. When she told me that a few years before she had her tonsils removed I realized how she had created her condition.

For this young woman it probably all started with creating a waste dump in her body by eating the wrong way. If the ratio of junk to whole is unbalanced any person will get into trouble and it does not take to long for that to happen. Morgan Spurluck has proved that it only takes a couple of weeks for a healthy individual to loose his health by eating only junk.

What is unbalanced for one person may still be ok for another. So each one of us has to find his junk to whole food ratio. For many reasons it may not be possible to follow a 100% whole food regime. To this day I still indulge in a greasy pizza and white bread every now and then. I still love coffee, so I have it every now and then, not everyday.

Fortunately there are ways of cleaning up and supplementing our system. In this way we can cancel out some of the mistakes we make. A lot of research is going on to develop high absorption nutritional supplements that will balance even the most un-natural lifestyles.

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