Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How The Body Heals Itself

A homeopathic physician in the 1850´s stated a very simple law that explains the process of how the body heals itself. This law known as Herring’s Law states that (1) the body heals itself from the head down, (2) from the inside out and (3) in reverse order of symptoms that has been suppressed for any reason.

These three simple principles if applied will help you prevent dis-ease and promote your healing process.

Healing starts with a thought, a desire that fuels you to act to regain your health or sustain it. I often repeat to others and myself that I do not like hospitals and putting myself in the hands of a physician. I really enjoy my health and I want to stay healthy, therefore I take action that helps me to sustain my well-being. The number one thing you can do is to stay healthy is to eat well. Do not only think about it, do research. Look for simple activities that sustain your health. You have heard it: “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The power of positive thinking, backed by positive actions.

The body is built as a series of layers of tissues all interconnected through special tissue known as fascia. For your skin to look healthy you have to start from the inside out. In other words if your colon lining is plastered with toxic waste, your skin will reflect that. The best way to apply this principle is to avoid junk food and to favor organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, clean sources of protein and natural supplements that support healthy tissue growth.

In other words, do not let toxins accumulate in the inner lining of your intestinal tract and you will promote the health of all the layers of tissue in your body. Periodically it is good idea to give yourself a good colon cleanse. It also makes sense to supplement your diet with natural anti-oxidants.

When something bad is inside you, your body will do its best to get it out. If you eat spoiled food, you will get diarrhea. It is a natural protection and it is better not to stop it, unless it continues for too long. When cold symptoms appear most people will start taking medicine that suppresses the coughing and the expulsion of phlegm. These medicines dry up the mucus and keep it inside the body, buried in layers of tissue. If this process is repeated a number of times after a while a serious condition will establish itself, like bronquitis or asthma that is even worse.

When you take herbs and natural nutrients (health foods or supplements) that support the natural healing process we have outlined here, the symptoms that you initially suppressed will start coming out in reverse order. This process is referred to as a healing crisis. To feel better we first have to feel worse.

These three principles if applied judiciously will help you keep the doctor away. If you loose your health, these principles will help you understand what you need to do to regain balance. Be smart. Choose a health practitioner that will help you follow principles to root out dis-ease from your body.

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