Saturday, December 30, 2006

One more spin around the sun.....

The ancient Chinese started counting spins around the sun 4700 plus years ago and according to that way of counting the year is not over yet. Modern Chinese adopted the Gregorian calendar about 80 years ago. They call it the Yang calendar. Mr. Arguelles who has researched Mayan Calendar, says our lack of balance is probably related to the way we count the years. The yin part is missing.

If you think about it, Mr. Arguelles makes a lot of sense. We still have 49 (dog) days from the first day of the Yang Calendar (Gregorian) to the first day of the Yin Calendar (actually solilunar) to prepare for the new cycle (a change from Dog-Metal to Pig-Water). More about Chinese year counting and regaining balance here.

Bringing about balance into our lives is a matter of knowing our strengths and weakness across the five elements. Wellness is the result of energetic balance of the five elements within the organism as it is expressed through the body organs.

To learn more about Chinese Five Element Theory you can visit:

More information on wellness available at the Relaxation Zone and Liquid Multivitamins and Nutrition Information Ctr.

As we leave the Red Dog Year (4703/2006) and go into the Red Pig Year (4704/2007) I wish all my readers continuous balance in all aspects of living.

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