Friday, November 17, 2006

Fast Food Nation

One of's Best Book of 2001 by Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation opened as a movie today. Check out the trailers at IMBD. Read author Eric Schlosser`s interview by Susan Gerhard at Greencine.

An excerpt from this interview follows:

"The book is a work of investigative journalism by me. The film is a Richard Linklater film. Two totally different people are having their say on the same subject. They're just really different. I think the only way the film could be good was if it's totally different, if it obeys its own rules."

More on nutritional wellness here.

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Patrick Roberts said...

just watched movie version of Fast Food Nation, it's an impactful flick to say the least... earlier today i passed up a sausage mcmuffin because of it.